Korkmaz Lobe Pumps are customized for all types of application.

The seal options of Korkmaz Lobe Pump product lines, the whole range of different pump sizes, the material and rotors available, the right choice of drive etc. all make it possible for us to build the ideal pump for almost any application.

Motorized Lobe Pump On Fixed Base

Motorized Lobe Pump On Fixed Base

For customer needs, the motorised lobe pump can be assembled on a base made of AISI 304 or metal, to then be fixed, via bolts, to the floor.

The motorised lobe pump on a fixed base is made up as follows:

  • Support base made of press-moulded sheet metal
  • Lobe displacement pump fixed to the base
  • Speed controller / gear motor / direct elektric motor / hydraulic motor / pneumatic motor fixed to the base
  • Flexible mechanical transmission coupling
  • Flexible mechanical transmission coupling protection
  • Seals protections
  • Fairing
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