One of the most beneficial things that a rotary lobe pump has to offer is the fact that they can handle medium sized solid particles in the pumping fluid. This is due to the fact that the lobes do not come in contact with each other and because the pumping chambers inside the pump are large enough to handle solid particles. This is an advantage for the food industry. For example, when processing something like cherries, this type of pump is great. The cherries and fluid can move into and through the pump without being damaged or broken down. They are then sent to their desired destination. Just like the cherries, there are many different scenarios where it is crucial that the product is not negatively impacted. This could be a slurry of solid particles that need transferred from one part of the plant to another, for example. You may also need to transfer a viscous fluid that would be broken down if it traveled through a different style of pump. The correct type of rotary lobe pump will handle the material with care.

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