Korkmaz Lobe Pumps are customized for all types of application.

The seal options of Korkmaz Lobe Pump product lines, the whole range of different pump sizes, the material and rotors available, the right choice of drive etc. all make it possible for us to build the ideal pump for almost any application.


Dependant on the type of use the lobes can be made as:

  • Tri-lobe (standart)
  • Double-lobe
  • Butterfly (bat) winged lobe
  • Mono-lobe
  • Geared lobe

Determining which style of lobe is better for a given application requires an analysis of the solids size, liquid viscosity, and tolerance of flow pulsation. For example; single-winged lobe or butterfly winged lobe is suitable for transferring a strawberry jam, while a triple lobe is preferred for the transfer of heavy products such as honey, wax and glucose.

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