Korkmaz Lobe Pumps are customized for all types of application.

The seal options of Korkmaz Lobe Pump product lines, the whole range of different pump sizes, the material and rotors available, the right choice of drive etc. all make it possible for us to build the ideal pump for almost any application.

Flushed Seals

When the pump is transferring products that may crystallise or leave solid deposits, the

mechanical seals supplied have to be cleaned by flushing water or a compatible liquid at

low pressure. This flushing arrangement can also be used to dissipate heat or to avoid dry

running. There is a fixed chamber around the mechanical seal for sealing the flushing liquid.

Should the flushing liquid be aggressive, dangerous or a pollutant, and the pressure is higher

than the working or pumped fluid, it is possible to fit a double flushed mechanical seal.

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